Apostle J.V. Porter

Pastor, teacher, civic leader, humanitarian, entrepreneur, life coach, mentor, visionary and father to many, Apostle J. V. Porter is the Founder and Presiding Prelate of United Gospel Fellowship Covenant Ministries, International. He is also Senior Pastor of Christ Cathedral located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Apostle Porter endeavors to build a purpose-driven church for all people fulfilling the five-fold purposes of the church: (1) Worship, (2) Ministry, (3) Evangelism, (4) Fellowship and (5) Discipleship. His uncompromising and bold teaching of God’s Word has changed and liberated the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally. As one of Apostle Porter’s favorite scriptures is “for we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord (II Corinthians 4:5),” he earnestly seeks to build people of purpose, power, praise, prayer and excellence for the Kingdom of God. Apostle Porter delivers life-changing messages that transcend all barriers of race, gender, age and walks of life. His motto is that “you must be what you want others to become in every area of your life.” From serving in the military in the United States and Europe to being a church administrator to teaching in the public school system, Apostle Porter is a man of outstanding character and integrity. He epitomizes holiness, excellence, and humility as a lifestyle. He is the recipient of numerous degrees, awards, certificates and accolades, including but not limited to Order of Long Leaf Pines and the keys to the city of Fayetteville. A world traveler, Apostle Porter has served as a missionary in Haiti, West Indies, Panama, South America, Key West, Florida, and the Gulf region; and he is a certified tour guide for the Holy Land. Currently, he is the President of Christ Bible College, CEO/Director of Christ Village Resort and Conference Center and The Christian Cultural Center, also in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Under Apostle Porter’s strategic financial leadership, he has led his multi-million dollar ministry and congregation into debt freedom. One of the joys of Apostle Porter’s life is his wife and partner in ministry, Pastor Nora Y. Porter. He is the proud father of four successful adult sons. He also has ten beautiful grandchildren.

Pastor Nora Y. Porter

Pastor Nora Yarbrough Porter has successfully merged into ministry with her intense delivery of the Word of God. She is used greatly to give words of exhortation and encouragement. Many have witnessed the healing and life-changing effects of Pastor Nora’s ministry. Her teachings enhance the Body of Christ as she continually teaches the importance of embracing the righteousness of God. Pastor Nora’s desire is that people would hear, believe, and receive the Word of God and that their life would be reflection of a spiritual transformation.  Pastor Nora is a worshiper and is mightily used of God to change the atmosphere into a praise and worship experience. Her focus on women has allowed women to come into their own and to pursue their God given purpose and destiny. God’s favor has caused Pastor Nora to be a sought-after, spirit-led speaker whose annual calendar includes engagements in numerous conferences, churches, and seminars. Her willingness to share her life experiences in a very real and practical way continues to give her an opportunity to witness of God’s saving grace. Most notably, she teaches women about all aspects of life in a very practical way without compromise; telling it just like it is! Women are challenged to be the very best that God created them to be through her ministry.  Through God’s abundant grace, Pastor Nora is successfully balancing being a wife, a mother, an entrepreneurial and a leading lady in the Kingdom of God. Pastor Nora has many years of excellent service in the ministry of Christ Cathedral. She is no stranger to realizing the importance of dedication, honor, and pride. Pastor Nora pastors alongside her husband , Apostle J. V. Porter. Pastor Nora serves internationally as the President of Women In Ministry and as the local Church Administrator. Her leadership ability, dedication, education (graduate of Fayetteville State University, and Christ Bible College, Fayetteville, North Carolina), and the desire to succeed have been her hallmarks for success. Pastor Nora has received numerous awards, commendations (Order of the Long Leaf Pine of North Carolina), certificates, honors, and promotions for service and leadership. She is multi-talented, and a trend-setter; blazing new trails as a leader. Pastor Nora is an author with three books to her credit; “A Cry For Unity”, “Raise Your Level of Thinking”, and “Mother Porter’s Cookbook”. She is full of initiative, drive, creativity, fortitude, and a determination to be what God has divinely created her to be.
Pastor Nora has a servant’s heart; given to hospitality, and full of love for all mankind. She is affectionately known as “Mother”; as she nurtures and give guidance to many that seek her counsel. She is owner of Nora’s Catering and Nora’s Collection (Upscale Women’s Fashions). Pastor Nora was born and reared in Decatur, Alabama. She has a deep love, devotion, dedication, and commitment to her family. Her family is very important to her and she is extremely proud and very supportive of her husband, her four accomplished sons.  She is the proud grandmother of ten.