United Gospel Fellowship Covenant Ministries was established in the heart of Apostle J.V. Porter in July 1977 in Frankfurt, West Germany at Drake-Edwards Chapel. In October 1980, United Gospel Fellowship Covenant Ministries was formally founded in Fayetteville, North Carolina. UGF’s local Body of Believers came to be known as Christ Cathedral. Where there is no vision from God the people will perish. However, where there are no people who are willing to work successfully to fulfilling the vision; it too will perish. Vision is the plan and the purpose of the church; which is what God has given to Apostle J.V. and Pastor Nora Porter. Their vision for a large, multi-racial expression of the Body of Christ, a progressive interdenominational New Testament and Worship Center, and “Lo I am with you always”, was what they stepped out on upon their return to the United States in 1980. Christ Cathedral was established as a Body of Believers that came together for the purpose of assisting in the fulfillment of this vision. God has been faithful to His promises. Christ Cathedral has grown from seven members and no facilities in 1980 to being a multi-million dollar ministry with multiple locations! Christ Cathedral is a healing ministry of the whole person: spirit, mind, and body. Our sole purpose is to teach people – regardless of race, ethnic background, creed, or color – the practical approach to Truth (Christianity) as taught by the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to the spiritual transformation of the entire world. We are committed to being a point of empowerment allowing God to direct every thought, word, deed, and action for personal transformation. Our purpose is to serve as a spiritual community making available the Bible to all people by fostering their spiritual, cultural, and general will being; as well as provide facilities for worship, education, and fellowship. To accomplish this Christ Cathedral purchased the property at 505 Deep Creek Road. Today the property is home to an edifice that seats over 500 people. This facility houses a fellowship hall, audio and video centers, two nurseries, a bookstore, a multi-purpose room, and business offices. In 1992, a Guest House was purchased to accommodate out-of-town members and special guest. In 1993, a Community Center at 405 Deep Creek Road was established to serve the community with food and clothing. In 1994, Christ Village Resort and Conference Center at 3415 Green Valley Road was purchased. It consists of a Covenant Partners’ Center, an auditorium, conference room, full-service commercial kitchen, tennis and basketball courts, and a swimming pool. Future plans for Christ Village include a new state-of-the-art sanctuary, a youth development center, and physical fitness center. In June 2006, the Christian Cultural Center was purchased at 707 Murchison Road. It serves as a ministry center providing the community with spiritual, educational, and business opportunities. Its goal is to dynamically present Christ through culture. Christ Cathedral is a debt free ministry. Apostle and Pastor Porter continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all walks of life. Today, the vision for a progressive, prophetic, and interdenominational New Testament Word and Worship Center remains constant and firm. Christ Cathedral serves as the Headquarters for United Gospel Fellowship Covenant Ministries, International; a nondenominational fellowship with churches throughout the United States and abroad.